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Sussex Archaeological Collections on The Web

The Journal of the Sussex Archaeological Society has been published almost annually since 1848 
and distributed to members, subscribers and exchanged with corresponding societies.

The development of the Internet has provided the opportunity to start a programme to make recently 
published volumes available through the Archaeological Data Service, which provides a service 
which aims to digitally archive professional journals in perpetuity.

Currently there are no plans to make the earlier volumes (over approx 30 years old) available through ADS.

What is presented here is an index to those portions of various volumes
 which have been prepared for presentation as web pages on various topical web sites. 
Sussex Archaeological Society reserves its rights in all material presented here and in linked locations. 
Please see below for the limited license.

Sussex Archaeological Collections

Sussex Notes & Queries


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Content from Sussex Archaeological Collections and Notes and Queries
Reproduced by courtesy of the Sussex Archaeological Society (SAS). 
SAS grants this licence for the stated purpose in respect of such rights as SAS may have over the articles, 
but those rights may not include the author's copyright in the words and/or images.

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