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1.    On Sussex Archaeology. 
By W. H. BLAAUW, Esq. . .   
2.    On the Seals of the Sussex Cinque Ports. 
By Mr. M. A. LOWER With Six Plates .   
3.    On Roman Coins, and British Gold Coins found in Sussex. 
By F. DIXON, Esq. With Woodcuts   
4.    Names of the Sussex Gentry in 1588. 
With Notes by Mr. M. A. LOWER   
5.    On Anglo-Saxon Coins found near Alfriston. 
By Mr. C. ADE. With Woodcuts .   
6.    On the Marble Effigy of a Knight, and on an Ancient Earthen Vessel in the form of a Knight, found at Lewes. 
By Mr. W. FIGG. With Woodcuts  
7.    On the Translation of Saint Lewinna from Seaford in 1058. 
By W. H. BLAAUW, Esq.   
8.    On a British Sepulchral Urn, found at Storrington. 
By F. DIXON Esq. With Woodcut   
9.    On the Nonae of 1340, as relating to Sussex. 
By W. H. BLAAIUW,, Esq.   
10.    Extracts from the Journal and Account Book of the Rev. Giles Moore, Rector of Horsted Keynes, from 1655 to 1679. 
With Notes by R. W. BLENCOWE, Esq.   
11.    On a small Cross-Legged Effigy at Horsted Keynes, with some notice of the Ancient Family of Keynes. 
By W. S. WALFORD, Esq. With Woodcut .   
12.     On the Characteristic Features of Chichester Cathedral. 
By the Rev. P. FREEMAN .   
13.    On Celtic Antiquities near Chichester. 
14.    On an Ancient Leaden Coffer, found at Willingdon. 
By Mr. M. A. LOWER. With Woodcut .   
15.    On some Ancient Mural Paintings in Portslade Church. 
By the Rev. HENRY ROPER. With Plate   
16.    The Will of Richard de la Wych, Bishop of Chichester, 1253.
With Notes by W. H. Blaauw, Esq. .   
17.    Abstract of a Paper on Chichester Cross. 
By JOHN BRITTON, Esq., F .A.   

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Content from Sussex Archaeological Collections and Notes and Queries
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