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1. Suggestions for the Collecting and Printing of Records relating to the History of the County.   
By the EDITOR.                  1

2. Findon (continued from Vol. xxvi.).                               
By the EDITOR.                                3

3. List of Knights' Fees in the time of Hen. II.   
Communicated by
HUGH PENFOLD, Esq.                                27

4. Sheriffs of Sussex.                               
Communicated by
HUGH PENFOLD, Esq.                                34

5. Stopham 
By the Rev. C. J. ROBINSON.  From materials contributedby Sir WALTER B. BARTTELOT, Bart., M.P.        37

6. New Shoreham.                               
By BURTON GREEN.                                 69

7. Sussex Heronries.                               
By Rev. F. H. ARNOLD, LL.B.                               

8. The late William Durrant Cooper, F.S.A., and the late Mark Antony Lower, F.S.A.   
By HENRY CAMPKIN, F.S.A.              

9. Remarks on the Probable Site of the British City and Roman Station of Anderida.  
By THOMAS ELLIOTT.                       

10. Remarks on the Ancient Course of the River Bother.                               
By THOMAS ELLIOTT.                                166

11. Discovery of Flint Implements near Horsham, in St. Leonard's Forest. 
By Taos. Honywood, Esq.                                177

12. The Journall of Master Nathaniel Courthop, with Notes by the late M. A. Lowau, F.S.A.                                184

13. Catalogue of the Library of the S. A. S.                                                                212



1. Tortington Priory.                                            227

2. Discovery at Seddlescomb of Sussex Pennies of Edward the Confessor.  227

3. Phoenician Relics.                                        228

4. On the De Echynghams.                                229

5. Queen Elizabeth Sponsor to Lord Percy.      229

6. The Falls of Schaffhausen.                            230




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